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EU Space Policy: A global Tool for Global Challenges
29-01-2013 a 30-01-2013 (Bruxelas)  

EU Space Policy
A Global Tool for Global Challenges
Initiative under the patronage of
• Mr José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission
• Mr Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament
• Mr Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council

5th edition of the high-level Conference on EU Space Policy
“EU Space Policy: Building up a Global Tool for Global Challenges”
Citizens, public authorities and businesses can no longer do without space-based services.
Space tools have become public necessities: satellite navigation and satellite telecommunications
have improved both the daily lives of citizens and the effectiveness of businesses. Satellite observation
enables the monitoring of the earth, its rivers, seas and international borders, improvements in crop
yields, the protection of the environment, the prevention and management of natural and industrial
disasters, the strengthening of security, etc.
Europe does not intend to miss its rendezvous with space.
access to space, its exploitation, and the mastery of space services have become strategic
challenges for the European Union (EU), as for all countries, including emerging economies.
Developing a global, coherent, long-term space policy is thus an imperative for the EU.
To develop
such a policy, it will be necessary to secure the space sector’s technological, industrial
and economic future, as well as the flourishing of innovation and new businesses, with the new
jobs that will result.
The conference will address the key challenges facing EU Space Policy – preserving the
EU’s capacity to use space and to compete with both space-faring and emerging nations – by
tackling the competitiveness of the EU space industry, promoting the key role of R&D&I, examining
the current state of operational EU space systems, ensuring an effective governance of EU space
activities, and managing the dual use of space tools.
The conference will come at a crucial time:

when the Irish Presidency of the EU Council will be setting out to, hopefully, complete negotiations
between the EU institutions on the next EU Multiannual Financial Framework, with, at stake:
+ the funding and, thus, the outlines of the Galileo and GMES programmes for 2014-2020;
+ the funding of European space R&D in the ‘Horizon 2020’ programme;
• in the wake of the anticipated adoption of a Communication on EU Space Industrial Policy;
• shortly after the new perspectives expected from ESA’s Ministerial Council.
This event will offer a unique opportunity for an informative debate between the main political
and industry decision-makers, bringing together representatives of national and European
institutions, authorities, industry, research centres and civil society.



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