ANI - Promoção do Programa Quadro

ANI - Promoção do Programa Quadro


AIRDAYS 2014 - Aviation Industry and Research days
06-10-2014 a 08-10-2014 Instituto Superior Estudos Militares (Algés, Lisboa)  
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AIR-DAYS 2014 will give you
  • an unique opportunity to get to know main European aeronautic and aviation research community
  • easy access to EU RDT programs representatives
  • promote network among SME, large industry, academia and research
  • including parallel session on H2020 SURFACE TRANSPORT


  • Latest trends in aeronautics
  • Get to know key players
  • Presentations on project ideas & competencies of potential partners
  • Get your problem solved
  • Matching organizations offering or seeking solutions
  • First-hand information on H2020 finance opportunities

Why to participate

  • Initiate international contacts and cooperations
  • Present, discuss and develop new projects
  • Meet a wide variety of aerospace companies, SMEs and R&D institutions
  • Meet many potential projects or business partners in a short time
  • Discuss your ideas in 15 minutes 'private' bilateral meetings

Main topics


  • Assembly & Engine
  • Materials & Treatments
  • Cabin Interior
  • Maintenance & Spare Parts
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Airports


  • Transport/Aviation
  • Transport/Surface
  • Shift2Rail
  • Fuel Cells


  • Road
  • Railway
  • Waterborne
  • Urban Mobility
  • Logistics
  • Infrastruture
  • Intelligent Transport Systems

Lisbon will be hosting AIR DAYS 2014 in October

This is a 3 day event focused on networking and brokerage among aeronautic industry, SMEs and research centres, interested in cooperation for future H2020 aviation projects.

AIR DAYS 2014 is organized by FCT (NCP host), CEC (EEN node), Portuguese Ministry of Defence (MDN) and the Portuguese Association of Space and Defence Industry (AED) and actively sponsored by Enterprise Europe Network Aerospace Group (EEN ASSG), ETNA+ transport NCP network, COSMOS+ Space NCP network and CARE (Clean Aerospace Regions) Project. This is a unique opportunity for brokerage and international networking among industry and research centres from all over Europe.

AIR DAYS 2014 will take advantage of this unique gathering of more than 40 NCP, EEN members and CARE members exploring synergies between national contact points and the aeronautic community coming from more than 20 countries.

The active support of EEN members and NCPs will actively promote participation of SME, industry and research players from all over Europe. Close to 200 participants representing SMEs, industry clusters and research centres are expected.

The main European stakeholders of H2020 (JTI SESAR, JTI CLEAN SKY and DG RTD TRANSPORT) will present the funding opportunities for 2015, this being an excellent opportunity for participants to have bilateral contacts with the European Commission and JTI personnel and update information.


Rua Pedrouços 122, 1400 Algés, Lisboa

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