ANI - Promoção do Programa Quadro

ANI - Promoção do Programa Quadro

Outros Eventos no tema DS5 - Ação Climática, Ambiente, Eficiência de Recursos e Matérias-Primas

Cross-cutting issues training, NCP-Academy
03-11-2016 a 04-11-2016 Museu das Comunicações (Lisboa)  

The NCP Academy project (an H2020 project, run by NCPCoordinators) aims at enhancing the performance of NCPs by providing qualityknowledge on the core issues of the NCP’s role. The NCP Academy works for thebenefit of the entire NCP community in Europe.

The second cross-cutting issues training session will takeplace the 3rd and 4th of November. It will focus onEthics and Research Integrity, Gender, Open Access and Data Sources forStrategic Intelligence. Registration is open to NCPs only.

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