ANI - Promoção do Programa Quadro

ANI - Promoção do Programa Quadro

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NCP-Academy Training in RRI and Ethics in H2020
04-04-2017 a 05-04-2017 (Berlin)  

The NCP Academyproject (an H2020 project, run by NCP Coordinators) aims at enhancing theperformance of NCPs by providing quality knowledge on the core issues of theNCP’s role. The NCP Academy works for the benefit of the entire NCP communityin Europe.

This on-site training focusses on RRI as a cross cutting issue in Horizon 2020 projects and on ethicalissues. Topics of high relevance and updates on recent changes will bediscussed. We will receive input from experts and conduct practical exercises. Itis expected that by the end of the second day NCPs are able to put the theoryinto practice.

Registration is open to NCPs only. All NCPs are invited.

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